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Latest updates and useful information from the United We Fight Action and Discussion Days on 30.10-01.11


Due to several reasons, most locations are not announced online, please go to the infopoint or ask at one of the usual suspects.
You can ask at any of the events for the location of other events as well.


Infopoint: Meuterei Reichenberger Str. 58 10999 Berlin
Friday 14.00 - 20.00 / Saturday 12.00 - 17.00


Saturday 31.10 | 19.00 | Helsingforser Platz (S-Bahn Warschauer)

We hope everybody is still motivated to take the next steps together on saturday to defend our existing autonomous spaces and for the fight to create new spaces in which we can act and organize ourselves together.

Demo Route & Info
Demo Call

Further Infromation:

International Call [DE] [NL] [ES] [FR] [GR]

Interkiezionale Blog [EN]


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