hacked and database leaked

Autor: anonym Regionen: Schweiz Themen: Antifa Antirassismus database leak, leak, hacked, Datum: 25. Aug 2020 06:29 Quelle: http://mphvik4btkr2qknt.onion

We as an antifascist security group came through a blog to the site of

Since this company hires fascists who like to use violence against people, including comrades, we have taken the goal of the homepage under the magnifying glass.

The operators of this homepage were grossly negligent regarding security.

Picture of the Deface:

And here the data dump in form of a SQL file of the homepage:

Solidarity for all antifascists worldwide.

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Autor: anonym Datum: 25. Aug 2020 16:29 Quelle: http://mphvik4btkr2qknt.onion